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Custom Orders

Custom Orders

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Thanks for considering us for your custom project! To begin your custom order request, please add this free listing to your cart and complete your check out.

You will receive a response via email within 1-2 business days. In the meantime, here is a basic overview of what you can expect!

  • TIMELINE: Flexibility is ideal — projects with no timeline will receive priority. For a small project (any number of slab-built items such as trays or up to 6 standard-sized wheel-thrown items), we can generally deliver within 6-10 weeks. Large items or high volume requests may require more time. If you have specific questions about your request, feel free to email us at!
  • CUSTOM FEES: A 20% custom order fee will be applied to the base cost of your order and serves as a non refundable deposit (more below). Please note that you may incur a charge for additional supplies needed to complete your order (glazes which are not typically used, clays which are not typically used, high volume of supplies needed for your request, etc.). Should you decide that you no longer wish to pursue your custom project, you will still be responsible for the cost of those additional supplies AND the 20% non refundable deposit/fee.
  • DEPOSIT: We firmly believe that you should not be required to own pieces that you don’t enjoy, even if they were created with you in mind. This is why we only produce work that we love, too! However, since we still invest time, thought, and resources into your custom order requests, the 20% custom order fee serves as a non refundable deposit.
  • DESIGN: We want to produce work we are proud to share and that requires us to be genuine to our own developing aesthetic. If your request would be better executed by another artist, we promise to communicate that to you.


Thank you for your support!
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